I am an 60+ year old man with post polio syndrom that have made me use wheelchairs for the last 7-8 years.

Like to take photoes and make videos, mostly timelapses of nature, sunrisees, sunsets and aurora borealis. I also like to take pictures of wildlife if a got lucky an meet somthing wort taking pictures of.

Have recently bought me an drone that film in 4K so in the future i will present hopfully nice videos from the air.

I use Olympus OM-D 1 & OMD 5 MK II and a Panasonic GX80

April, 9 2018

Publishing my new website. Here i will publieh my favorite photoes and videos.

 My previous sites has been about my sailing in 2.4 mR class and my ATV-tours in the mountains of the westcoast of Norway.

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